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Welcome to LoL Cave!

Please try to keep in mind that this is a work-safe image board. Be polite and respectful and enjoy your stay!
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If your post gets deleted it is most likely because the question you asked has already been answered, or because the answer was added to the page corresponding to what you were asking. An example would be if you ask a question about SkinSelect and it gets deleted, then the answer would be on the SkinSelect. Answers could also be on the news or this community board.

Your post could also be deleted by and staff members for any reason, such as lewdness, or by the system for any number of reasons such as age.

File 137561132389.jpg - (912.47KB , 1280x960 , Creation_Of_The_Moon_by_goran_d.jpg )
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File 136320704924.png - (188.13KB , 460x300 , 1362757482056.png )
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hey #Admin
What about streams for /s/ ?
>> No. 283
If an API becomes available then it will be considered.

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new skin installer

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play games

File 13336378341.jpg - (560.01KB , 1215x717 , JourneyEz.jpg )
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How do we post in order to get our stream on the list?
>> No. 258
Any stream tagged as League of Legends will automatically appear on the stream list when online.

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Dear Admin,
I would highly appreciate it if you or anybody else can fix Skinselect to work wit the new file formats.I have been waiting and waiting for it and I am starting to lose hope, I feel my life will end soon if I dont get Skinselect back. League has not been the same. Please help me.
Sincerely Alvin
IGN: Fat Lip Shoes
>> No. 200
I do not currently have the time to do a conversion to the new file format or enough time afterwards to do a full check for the changes each patch. I have released the source for any willing to update the program. If you wish to pursue the update yourself, "ItzWarty" seems to be the main developer working with the new file format.

Best of luck in your endeavors.
>> No. 255
Why not? What exactly has been going on for over a year now that leaves you so busy?

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Got good news. a German LoL community is working at this skinselect and has already finished it for 40 %.

I am going to inform u when the project is finished.
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>> No. 250
when the project will be done.?
>> No. 254
That's awesome! Do you have a link to a thread?

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I claim this board in the name of DEMACIA
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>> No. 9
File 129834815813.jpg - (198.98KB , 1215x717 , Cassiopeia_OriginalSkin.jpg )
Ssssaaysss the ssssnake in the grasss
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I love LoL and I'm MaSTeR Yİİİİİ

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