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No. 251 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hello, I am wondering how to get this working through the Garena program.

I have been having quite a lot of headache about it. Any help would be appreciated.
>> No. 252
Maybe it isn't working because it doesn't work anymore and hasn't for months...

No. 240 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hi, I'm from China and I got to say SkinSelect is the most amazing thing in all LoL-skin tools that I've seen, too bad it went disable with the new launcher arrived.

But in China we still use the old launcher as well so Im wondering if you could let me update SkinSelect for China-Server?

Sorry for my poor grammar and Merry Chrismas :)
>> No. 242
>>240 see >>186

No. 201 hide quickreply [Reply]
I am going to have a quick look at the code and probably going to try have a go at fixing it.
>> No. 236
Have you got somethin' workin', Eclipse?

No. 197 hide quickreply [Reply]
plz when does you fix the skinselect, because i will villy have this skinselect plz fix it soon
>> No. 198
Little by little I continue losing the hope

No. 191 hide quickreply [Reply]
i wana know if someone at least work on it cause im gonna try it and see if i can do it but if someone started i would continue the work or something
>> No. 192
If you go through the posts, there are a few links to "unzip" the new file format. From what it looks like, all you need to do is add the "unzip" program to skinselect and change the paths. So unzip, replaces files, rezip. That, add all of the new characters, and update all of the paths.
>> No. 194
Yclone if u finished updating it,can you post a link or something please?so others can still download it.

No. 184 hide quickreply [Reply]
Please continue working on skinselect. For russians players, who use russian client it still working. Well be very gratefull if you continue working on it.
>> No. 185
they will delete ur post like they did to mine :)
>> No. 186
I think people need to realize that even if you still have the old version of the client, the person(s) that were working on it do not. They don't have access to the files needed to update the program. Not only that, but the source is released, you can update it yourself.
>> No. 190
and how to update it?

No. 161 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, im a spanish guy and i want to tell you that i recently download the lastest version of Lol Ace-client, its a modify client of league of legends and works like the old one with better and clean code/client. I tried to use SkinSelect 116 with Ace-Client and it works perfectly. You can download it on the following link.

Regards!, Dv3
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>> No. 187
any idea why i get Don't send error when i try to open SkinSelect (with ace client ofc :) )
I open it,search for league of legends file ,find it and than,bam Don't Send Error,help someone please?
>> No. 188

If you read >>176 instead of just making replies then you know that they changed the ACE client and it doesn't work with SS anymore.
>> No. 189
there are still ways of getting client side skins by accessing heropak using RAF Manager and then manually switching files.

No. 170 hide quickreply [Reply]
I thought it was just me but it turns out my friend has the same problem where the stream starts, goes to commercial, then doesn't go back to the stream it just black screens. Is this just us? And if so how do i fix it?
>> No. 172

No. 155 hide quickreply [Reply]
How about an option to reload 1 screen in the multiple views
Without this I have no way to check new stream without interrupting the other streams
>> No. 156
That is what the back button in the top right is for?

It fades out if you go move your mouse on the off of the button and has a close button if it still bothers you so it shouldn't get in the way.

(Might be another corner in different browsers)
>> No. 157
Uhm I know about that button but what I meant is pressing that Back button only open the cached stream list, not the fresh updated one.
I want to F5 on only 1 views and keep the other running
PS: Is there a problem with the code? All stream opened blackscreen. I have to jump to own3d page to actually make it works
>> No. 158
The 'back' button is actually just a link to the stream page.
The code is fine, its working for both myself and my test group in multiple browsers.

If you are talking about your browser caching the page, that is a setting that you have to change, I will add a line to the code to try to prevent it, but the root of the problem is your browser.

No. 145 hide quickreply [Reply]
Thx for update to ver №116. I have client with older update system
P.S. Us 10-15k with this client ^_^
>> No. 151
Yea, in soviet russia we got our own client.Ty for SS guys.

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