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It can unpack the new pack into old folder
It may help you to rebuild your software

Your software so good, so don't give up

File 130474080275.jpg - (759.60KB , 1024x768 , Penguins.jpg )
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Is it possible to get a stream added to the stream list?
>> No. 138
Any stream tagged as "League of Legends" that is online is shown on the list. You do not need to be added to anything, you are already there.
>> No. 139
oh awesome! Thanks!

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i just saw on the page to download skinselect that you have disabled the download due to new launcher...

The fact is that in eu skin select is still working cauz we havent the new launcher yet... (the old patch still working for me so...)

Can you get back the download link for the last patch (with new fiddle, nasus skins and rumble etc) for the eu players?

Thx a lot
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>> No. 124
it could be great :)
>> No. 125
patch has been released today for us... so skinselect dont work anymore for us too ...

Thax anyway
>> No. 136
can some1 upload it plz?

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If you guys done with the new SkinSelector (it works good on the new launcher) can u send me an email ? Thanks

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This post shows how people have installed skins for the new patcher; and also if you read the whole thing they also say how they use the official skins. Maybe this will help with developing SkinSelect?

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If i understand its over with skin select ye?.. ;s
>> No. 128
Yes, you understand correctly. There will not be an update for awhile.

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hi all

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Can u guys implement the sounds of the skins too?¿ ill love to hear the new nunu bot sounds!! :P
>> No. 118
Not reasonably possible.

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Hi all, me and my friends play LoL and now you can see our matches on kagemaru88's stream at . The channel "LeaGue of LeGends" is already on the list, but if u can edit the channel at your "stream list" and change its name to Kagemaru88 & Company. We'll be very glad. We're all from Spain, playing at EU LoL Servers.
>> No. 111
The name is actually taken from, so if you change it there, then it will change here.

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do not see the sword
it is not visible

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