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No. 108 hide quickreply [Reply]
pls fix samurai master yi.hes dark form the one side :)

No. 96 hide quickreply [Reply]
I have windows 7, that includes framework 3.5, and installed framework 4.
But skin select never works for me.
I select the lol directory(no in c:) and them take a moment, and a app crash:

SkinSelect stop working:
Stopped working
Nombre del evento de problema:CLR20r3
Firma del problema 01:skinselect.exe
Firma del problema 02:
Firma del problema 03:4d9d2393
Firma del problema 04:mscorlib
Firma del problema 05:
Firma del problema 06:4ca2b889
Firma del problema 07:35a3
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>> No. 97
Same problem here, i think it's a problem on "mscorlib.dll" but don't know what it is about.
>> No. 102
any solution admin?
>> No. 105
Nothing besides wait for the successor to skinselect and you shouldn't have a problem.

File 130326632440.png - (3.76KB , 22x20 , sq.png )
101 No. 101 hide quickreply [Reply]
I need to know what the skin with particles or special effects that do not load on SkinSelect to know which are not represented as in the reality. Thanks.

No. 90 hide quickreply [Reply]
May I suggest that to add 'next' button is stream list?
it is not easy to preveiw all live game
>> No. 91
I will look into it. It sounds like a good idea to me.
>> No. 93
the next and previous are better when they are close together

No. 88 hide quickreply [Reply]
I find the old champion list (vertical) alot easier to find the champion than the new horizontal one. I wonder what was the reason for this change?
The same goes to Stream list...
>> No. 89
For the champion list, horizontal was the original order.

On the stream page the only ordering change was from alphabetically to viewer count.

No. 86 hide quickreply [Reply]
my idea is that u should implement reccomended items so we can have custom recc items ingame for champs :D, u could also implement a fucntion for custom skins that are made from fans because there are some rly good ones with custom particles etc :D
>> No. 87
Custom Skins will already be in the successor to skinselect. Custom recommended items will not be implemented unless riot adds a way for them to be changed without directly editing the LoL files because it breaks patching.

No. 80 hide quickreply [Reply]
My idea is for skinselect program, is simple but at the same time is rly usefull, i shuld explain: If u click in randomize skins, that chose for u a random skin for every hero, but not always u like this skin, i think if u guys implement something like ban skins for randomize mode (like right click in this skin and suddenly pop up a X mark in that image), i think it will be amaizing if u finaly add it.

PD: soz for my english, it's too bad, im spanish and u know how spanish people deal with that.
PD2: if u want to explain again or if u know someone wich can translate me for u i could explain better to him/her in my own lenguage.
>> No. 85
Sounds good to me. I will add it to the SkinSelect replacement that I have waiting on the official switch to the now beta launcher.

No. 77 hide quickreply [Reply]
.net framework initialization error

error unable to find version of the runtime this application

>> No. 78
have .NET Framework 4 only
>> No. 79
Install .net framework 3 and/or 3.5 also. Its retarded and not backwards compatible like that.

No. 71 hide quickreply [Reply]
Your stream links for HSGG and BFjiji appear to be wrong.
>> No. 73
No, jiji was correct, all that changed was his name. Hotshot plays on the CLG stream.
>> No. 76
When jiji is streaming the link is not green on your stream list page, that is what i'm referring to

No. 72 hide quickreply [Reply]
Biltzcranck Piltover no have tires, he walk like classic biltzcranck, plz check it.
>> No. 74
That is in the known bugs section.

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