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as stated in the subject.
>> No. 48
No, but I am working on a new program that will be compatible with both the Riot and custom skins. I'm really just waiting for them to switch over to the now beta launcher so that I do not have to make the program twice. If they take too long though I'll just release what I have.

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ey guys. I have a question about the streams. I'm trying to do a list of streams on my website that displays if is live and the number of viewers, maybe you can help me out in how to do that, i mean what code do i need. thks !
>> No. 46
If you know programming then you can make your own by googling web/screen/data scraping and/or rss reading. If not there are also some free premade image links out there showing online/offline status and user count. As for giving you my personal code that I made, sorry but my website is not open source.

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very great website, stream list champions abilities, sjin select.. perfect
>> No. 43
Thank You!

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Primal Udyr;
Scuba Gragas;
UFO Corki.
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>> No. 33
Trundle Skins should be fixed in the new version.
>> No. 35
if i put "junkyard trundle" the game crash... baseball trundle working fine good, but junkyard do to appear a msg to send the bug because game was crashed :S
>> No. 41
Should be fixed now, just tested it and it worked.

File 129914634281.jpg - (14.56KB , 325x352 , 1248164852589.jpg )
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In the description it says "Do NOT use this if you are not on the US server and do not have the update yet..."
A friend of mine used Version 1.9 on EU servers and it worked for him.
Is this new in V2.0? Can there be any damage done by skin-select?
>> No. 40
That warning is there because I updated SkinSelect when only the US servers had been updated. Meaning you could download it for EU servers but it wouldn't work because the files didn't exist. It should work for non-us servers now.

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Sometimes the " ' " symbol becomes "’s" :

Cassiopeia The Serpent’s Embrace

Renekton - innate - Having sufficient fury empowers Renekton’s abilities with...
W - Renekton’s next attack will swing twice

Trundle - R - Trundle immediately steals his target’s health...
>> No. 34

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Are you planning to release an update soon? If not, would you mind releasing the source code for the current version for others to update? Thanks in advance.
>> No. 26

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Hi all !!

with skin select i havent the proper sound of the skin teemo astronaut.. is this normal ?

thx for answers :) !
>> No. 23
Yes this is normal. SkinSelect, in its current form, is only able to change the model (appearance) of a character and in some cases the particles as well.
>> No. 25
Merci !

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Love using this awesome program, but I found out a skin glitch. It said leave feedback and/or problems on here so here it is. I choose the Galactic Renekton skin and it doesn't work for me, all it does is gives Renekton this weird texture that's mixed up with some other skins or something like that. The model is perfectly fine but it's just the texturing, and when I use my Ruthless Predator, the skin suddenly switches to the Galactic Skin but in very high contrast.

Once again, thank you for this program, and I hope it lives on!
>> No. 22
I will look into this, but it may take a while as I do not own Renekton.

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My browser has a function to turn links to visited sites to yellow so I cant figure out which one in the stream list is actually online. So it would be great to has the Online Stream in Italic or Bold format
>> No. 18
I went ahead and made online streams bold.
>> No. 19
awsome!... thank you!

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