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I was loving SkinSelect, great program really. I tried the new Beta Launcher and it did end up breaking it after all. You said to give feedback on that page, so here it is I guess. When you go to locate your LoL folder, it just says that it's the wrong directory even when it's right. I know that's not a ton of help, but I figured I'd st least let you know what problem I'm having with it and maybe you it would lead you toward some sort of solution. Cheers. (Hopefully this is the right place to post about it...)
>> No. 15
Thanks for the feedback! I will look into this and hopefully I can get it resolved.
>> No. 16
Glad to hear it. Kudos to you and anyone that helped with the program, it's brilliant! I'll check back for updates some time. Keep on doing what you're doing :)

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How can I contact you?
>> No. 13
You can contact me by doing what you are doing right now, messaging me on reddit, or on the reddit channel on the US server.

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