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SkinSelect allows you to use official Riot skins without purchasing them.
The skins however are only visible client side without all sounds and particles.

1. Start SkinSelect. If this is the first launch, select your LoL folder. (The first launch may take a bit of time!)
2. Choose a champion from the list on the left hand side.
3. Select a skin. (Just click on the portrait of the skin you want!)
4. Play a game and enjoy!

I do not own all of the champions, so please let me know if you get any errors and I will do my best to try and fix them.
The easiest way to contact me is to use the Community Board

SkinSelect does NOT work with the new League of Legends Launcher. They have completely changed the champion file structure.
There is no set date for when or if SkinSelect will be updated to the new launcher.

Link to source if anyone would like to try to update it.

SkinSelect for v1.0.0.116 for the old launcher if someone needs it. (THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR THE NEW LAUNCHER!)

Neither myself, nor anyone else is responsible for anything that happens to you, your belongings, and/or anyone else and their belongings due to anything related to this program. You are on your own. This comes with no warranty.

This replaces the default skin with the skin you choose.
This means that ANYONE using the default skin will show as the one you choose.

Known Bugs:
There will be more unknown bugs that will not be fixed until I personally update SkinSelect.
Items cannot be changed. This was a dead feature that Okashu simply did not remove.
Legendary/Advanced skins do not have all of the correct sounds/particles.
Huntress Sivr and Frozen Terror Nocturne have incorrect particles.
Primal Udyr has been removed because the skin does not work properly.

Riot's Stance on SkinSelect:
Luxxie (Emissary of the League): "Riot's stance is fine on it as it's client side only."

This Patch:
Added Rumble, Dreadknight Nasus, Fiddle Me Timbers, Nunu Bot, and Lord Mordekaiser.

Okashu for updating SkinSelect for v1.0.0.116.
faplarp for uploading part of when my copy was corrupted.
ALoLPlayer for playing a part in updating to version 1.6 from version 1.4
RocketSlime for creating SkinSelect in the first place.